Judit Snorrevík (ユーディット・スノーレヴィク) is the caretaker of Rotte and the Mercelida's best friend.

After Rotte became unable to stand men, Mercelida puts Judit in charge of Rotte. She is responsible fro finding and bringing Naoya.

In the anime, her seiyu is Hitomi Nabatame.


In the anime, Judit is a young woman with dark fuchsia hair, purple eyes with glasses and a slim body. She normally wears a one piece reddish dress with a tie and black sleeves and stockings. Colored illustrations in the manga show her to have blond hair, blue eyes and a black dress. Like all elves, she also has pointed ears.



A (Ancient Elf) from a noble family, she is Mercelída's best friend and Rotte's caretaker. As revealed in the manga, contrary to her current behavior, in the past she was a playgirl, with even Mercelída referring to her by that term. Due to her loose behavior, she ended up pregnant. While willing to keep her baby, her family forced to have an abortion. This caused her to become depressed and almost suicidal until Mercelida put her in change of Rotte when she became unable to deal with men. This give her life a new purpose and she became a serious person and motherly figure for Rotte.

Despite her now serious personality, she has a usually hidden sadistic streak. This leads her to make Naoya suffer on several occasions. Her younger sister is Irmingard Snorrevík.


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While she is a caring guardian, she tends to put more emphasis on Rotte’s physical needs rather than emphasizing with her psychological needs. This callous nature often puts a strain on their relationship, but they are shown to love and trust one another.