The Vampíra (ヴァンピーラ) or Vampire, also called also the Kyuketsumazoku (吸血魔族), is one of the ancient races that inhabit Álfheimr along with the Succubus and Forn Álfur. They can transform themselves in bats and can hang upside-down even in humanoid form for long periods without problem. Like most races in Álfheimr, they have pointy ears.

After maturing, they need to consume blood in order keep their health. During their childhood, they commonly drink tomato juice as a substitute until they start consuming blood. Nowadays, they mostly drink harvested blood. In the past, their fangs contained venom that turned their victims into menservants when they had their blood sucked, but their fangs have since retrogressed and no longer contain venom.

It's been customary since ancient times, but even more so nowadays that they no longer consume blood directly from a person, that drinking the blood of a person of the opposite sex is equivalent to making an engagement vow.

"Vampíra" means "Vampire" in Icelandic.

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