Úrsúla Sumarliði (ウルスラ・シュマルリージ), mostly referred by her first name Úrsúla only, is the personal bodyguard and favorite lover of Mercelída. Like her cousin Eldór, she is a Varhund. She also is a futanari.

In the anime, her seiyu is Yuko Kaida.


Úrsúla is a tall brunette with a voluptuous body and short hair. Like other Varhund, she has what looks like an extra pair of dog ears in his head. While not directly shown, Úrsúla, beside her female traits, also posses male genitalia, something not unusual for the Varhund. It is conveyed through the story that she is well hung and within the series only Naoya beats her in that aspect. She is mostly seen in her dress uniform with a beret in her head. In the anime her eyes are purple.


Úrsúla is the personal bodyguard of Queen Mercelída and Captain of the First Division of Special Duty Kingdom Guards of Ygvar. As the Colonel of the Special Duty Division, she is Zelda's superior.

Úrsúla is always close to Mercelída to defend her when needed and also to perform coital duty when required. She also has a close personal relationship with the queen beyond her duty. It is known that she is an extraordinary combatant when needed.


Úrsúla has a serious military disposition and character, but she is always flexible in matters concerning the queen. She always keeps her cool even in dire situations, such as when there was a coup attempt and she was imprisoned with Mercelída. At times she shows an slight complex by her voluptuousness and stature when Mercelída express interest in other females. She is shown to be proud of her male genitalia when she has to admit defeat against Naoya's.